A Week of Photos

Even though winter is on its way there’s still a lot of colour in my container garden. The strawberry plant has a great contrast of red and green leaves, and bright little broccoli sprouts are still trucking along in my experimental fall planting.

DSCF0064 DSCF0061

We tipped over the d’Anvers coop, added hardware cloth to the bottom, and changed out the run materials (stay tuned for that). Because it was a quick modification I just put the chickens under an overturned milk crate to contain them. They were not happy about any of it, especially the rooster. Can you tell?

DSCF007314.11.09They were, however, pretty interested in the newspaper covered board I set under their roost.


Aside from updating the coop and getting the garden set for winter, we’ve also been enjoying the last few sunny days down by the beach a lot.

14.11.05 14.11.14 14.11.19




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