A Week in Photos

I take a lot of photos (I know because I spent a good chunk of Saturday reorganizing the files) but only a handful ever actually make it onto the blog, so I’m going to try out a new weekly feature. Each Monday I’ll post some of my favourite photos from the previous week along with a short blurb about each one.

You can tell winter is officially on its way because the bed has turned into a nest of blankets.


We’ve had a few really clear days, which were perfect to get out and take some Autumn themed photos of Suki.14.10.1414.10.11

Little Blue hung out with me while I installed a better lock on their pop door. She’s trying to decide whether or not I would make a good perch.


She has no boundaries.


On Halloween I dressed Suki up in her costume when we went on a walk by the beach.

14.10.2814.10.26 14.10.23

I let The ‘Twerps out to free range a bit.


And the girls even stretched their wings and caught some air.


2 responses to “A Week in Photos

    • I’ve been feeling really guilty because lately it seems like it’s just been chickens, chickens, chickens. It should be a bit more dog-centric around here again though.

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