Halfway Done

Our resident inspector gave the coop a pass, so we were all set to continue on with construction.


“Yup, smells good to me guys!”

So just to cover it again we have before…

DSCF9632 DSCF9638

Cleared out…

DSCF9645 DSCF9646

And now painted!


It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do for a space.

I wasn’t looking forward to having to lean over the large drop door to collect eggs, and I felt like trying to scoop dirty shavings over the door would lead to a huge mess, so the next order of business was to cut away the excess trim and split the single door into two. Now I can just sweep the shavings right out into a muck bucket.

DSCF9728 DSCF9731 DSCF9736

The chickens are surprisingly unconcerned with all the construction going on above them. Their only aggravation seems to be when they realize we aren’t there to bring them treats.


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