I’ve Graduated to Crazy Chicken Lady

Yesterday Little Blue seemed a bit lethargic, so I brought her inside to keep an eye on her. At first I had her in a box with shavings, but true to her nature she let me know she wasn’t happy until I picked her up. And carried her around wrapped in a facecloth. I’ve officially graduated to crazy chicken lady.


While I was caring for Little Blue Suki followed me around, reminding me that J had said there was no way we were having any house chickens. I keep the house from turning into a video game museum and he keeps it from turning back into a barn. Fair enough.


Thankfully with a little warm mash and water with apple cider vinegar mixed in Little Blue perked up and was able to rejoin her friends outside. I probably overreacted, but I admit I’ve become really attached to the little ‘Twerps.


I mean how could you not love that face?


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