The ‘Twerps Are 9 Weeks Old

It’s hard to believe The ‘Twerps are older than my Barnevelder was when I brought them all home. They’re a fraction of the size my Barnie was though, and from far away it almost looks like I have new chicks running around outside. While Antwerps adapt to confinement well, they really blossom when they have the ability to forage around and explore so I’ve been letting them out into the big run a few times a week. For their safety I lock up the Barred Rock, who will attack them if she can. I can’t catch the Barnevelder so she stays out, but as long as I stand near the Antwerps she isn’t brave enough to try anything.


The cockerel is becoming rather… Well, cocky. During the day he’s Mr. Macho, but at night he loves to be held and have his hackle feathers ruffled. His neck still hasn’t filled out the way the girls’ have, but his adult feathers are starting to grow. Antwerp roosters should have big ruffs, and I really hope my guy will too. Weight: 410 grams.

Lavd'Anvers52 Lavd'Anvers54

Dark Blue has been getting a lot bolder, and when I let them out in the big run she’ll actually challenge the Barnevelder. She’s still the friendliest, and is the only one that doesn’t protest being handled during the day. Weight: 328 grams.


I’m so proud of Little Blue. On Sunday she slept on the roost all night, even though the other two hopped down to sleep on the floor. Hopefully the others will follow her lead soon. Earlier in the week when I let them out to run around she managed to grab a whole dandelion leaf, causing me to need to chase her around the coop, grab her by the tail (while she screamed bloody murder), and take it so she wouldn’t swallow it whole and get a crop impaction. I tore it into little pieces to hand feed her, and thankfully the ordeal seems to have actually made her more friendly instead of turning her into an antisocial wreck like I was certain it would. I think she has the sweetest face of the three. Weight: 300 grams.

Lightd'Anvers46 Lightd'Anvers47

Aside from the struggle with the aggressive Barred Rock I’m really enjoying owning chickens. I’ve already started playing with the idea of hatching eggs, and I think Suki will need some ducks eventually. Ducks flock better than chickens so they make a great substitute for sheep. If one of my hens goes broody I could give her a few Faverolles and Call Duck eggs to hatch…

Aaaaand there’s that chicken math at work again.

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