The Chicks Are Three Weeks Old Now


Suki is still wimpy as ever about the chickens, although I think she’s starting to get used to the weird velociraptor-things running around. I’ve started calling her my Urban Shepherd, because she was completely unprepared for farm-life (I mean it as an affectionate jab, of course). I’ve been taking Suki out with me when I go to put our Barnevelder away at night, and she felt courageous enough to run up and get a quick sniff before high-tailing it away again. Baby steps. The thing I try to keep in mind is that while the chickens seem small to me, our Barnevelder is already as tall as Suki. To her going in the chicken pen probably feels like that velociraptor scene from Jurassic Park. I know I would panic if someone threw me in a pen with a chicken the same size as me. Even though she thinks they’re freaky, Suki has taken it upon herself to be the official chicken guardian. My mom stopped by to see the chicks and Suki wouldn’t even let her dogs come upstairs.


As for the chicks, Dark Blue is still the most adventurous and she’s been the most social this week. Whenever I stop to watch them she will jump up on their feeder to stare back at me, and if I hold my hand out she’ll hop on and shuffle up and down my arm. She loves to perch on things, which the other chicks often get mad about, and I have a feeling I’m going to need to give her lots of things to climb on in the run. She has the most feathers of all the chicks so far, and because of that I’m sticking with my pullet guess. Weight: 91 grams.

Darkd'Anvers19 Darkd'Anvers20

Light Blue, or Little Blue as I’ve begun calling her, is still the most stand-offish with people. Although when I weighed them she was the happiest to settle in for a few pets, and even took a nap in my hand so I think she’s starting to warm up. She’s very curious, and she’s always watching everything that’s going on outside the brooder. She’s also started jumping out of the brooder. She’s small enough to squeeze through the bars of the ex-pen, but once she’s out she will just stand there and complain about it until I put her back. She’s a diva, but she’s stayed so petite and cute you can’t help but adore her. Because of her size, stature, and how close her feathering is to Dark Blue’s I’m definitely guessing pullet. Weight: 81 grams.

Lightd'Anvers22 Lightd'Anvers25

Lavender is… Well, I think Lavender might be getting hit with testosterone. He went from being the most laid-back chick to being a bit of a bossy jerk. On Sunday he gave Dark Blue a pretty hard peck just for perching on my arm. It’s not that he was jealous I was holding her either. He doesn’t want to be held, but he doesn’t want any of the other chicks to be held either! I really hope this attitude is just a phase, because he can be sweet sometimes. He also loves to shove his face right into the camera lens, which is hilarious. His feathers are developing a lot slower than the others (boys tend to mature more slowly than girls), and his transition to adult feathers is going less smoothly so he looks even scruffier than the other two. As you’re probably guessing by the use of male pronouns, I’m pretty sure Lavender is a cockerel at this point. He’s just passed Dark Blue as the largest chick. Weight: 92 grams.

Lavd'Anvers19 Lavd'Anvers20

Get ready, because this time next week they’ll look even more like freaky dinosaur chickens.



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