The Chicks Are Two Weeks Old

It’s hard to believe they’re already two weeks old. They’ve changed to much, and nearly doubled in size, from when we brought them home just a week and a half ago. They’re a lot more active than they were last week, and I had to bribe them with food just to get their progress photos.

Chicks1 Chicks2

Dark blue has really come out of her shell, and it’s starting to look like she’ll be head hen. She has become very assertive, and the other two follow her lead on almost everything. She was the first to perch (which she did on the mirror of course, not the actual perch) and the first to take a dust bath. Behaviourally I would think she was a little rooster, but most people say the first ones to get their tail feathers are almost always female so I’m sticking with my guess of pullet. Just a very bossy one. Weight: 55 grams.

Darkd'Anvers12 Darkd'Anvers13 Darkd'Anvers14

Light blue appears to be second in command at this point. She’s the clingiest of the three, and her favourite place to sleep is wedged between the other chicks. Even though she’s the smallest she’s not afraid to get pushy at the feeder and will even peck Dark Blue back. A few times she’s been so distracted eating she didn’t notice the other chicks walk away, then when she looked up to find herself alone she started cheeping until she found them. Light Blue is the least interested in being held and has only willingly hopped into my hand a few times (she much prefers to stay on the ground and peck at the others’ feet). She’s still the loudest and the biggest complainer of the three. I’ve changed my guess from cockerel to pullet. At this point her features are the most delicate, and she started growing tail feathers shortly after Dark Blue. Weight: 48 grams.

Lightd'Anvers8 Lightd'Anvers15Lightd'Anvers16

Lavender is currently the most laid-back chick. She follows the other two but she’s also happy to go off and do her own thing. While she attaches less to the other chicks, she’s the most human-friendly and will scurry across the brooder to hop into my hand for pets. I’m changing my guess to cockerel, and if I’m right I hope Lavender keeps the friendly personality into adulthood. Belgian d’Anvers roosters aren’t known for their great temperaments.  Weight: 52 grams.

Lavd'Anvers10 Lavd'Anvers11

Our Barnevelder, despite being a chronic sufferer of BRF, is still the friendliest bird. We moved her outside last week, something I don’t think she was very happy about at first. She took her first proper dust bath though, and I think she realized dirt is way better than shavings because she’s stopped trying to get back in the house. Although whenever I go out to see her she comes running and circles around my feet, expecting to be picked up. Her feathers are beginning to fluff out, and the black is developing its characteristic blue-green sheen. The purple around her tail is Blu-Kote, a wound spray that covers up red to stop other chickens from pecking at it. It had been sprayed on her poor feather-plucked tail and back at the farm where we bought her. She’s so docile I have a feeling all three little d’Anvers are going to be higher on the hierarchy than her.

Barnevelder4 Barnevelder5

Suki still isn’t sure what to think about the newbies. She wants to sniff them, but if they look at her it freaks her out and she backs up. Apparently I’ve been the owner of a chicken for the past 7.5 years and didn’t even know it.

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