New Acquaintances (Ophidiophobia Warning)

Warning: If you have ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), hit the back button. If you’re like me and think they’re awesome, scroll on for some “awwwww”-inducing photos.

Disclaimer: A few people pointed out that encouraging interaction with snakes could lead to your dog approaching a venomous one. We don’t live in an area with venomous snakes and don’t need to worry about that, but I’ll take it into consideration of we ever plan a trip into areas that do.

I don’t generally make a habit of picking up wildlife, but sometimes when the opportunity presents itself it just can’t be resisted. This was the case when a little garter snake tried to hide under my boot.

Despite appearing timid initially, as soon as she was in my hand she acted very calm and almost friendly. She even curled her little tail around my fingers and held on on her own.


Suki was casually watching from the side, and once I’d determined she didn’t have a snack on the brain I decided to let her have a look. The garter snake was apparently equally interested, because she slithered down to check out Suki as well!

DSCF7545I love, love, love this photo. The lighting might be off, the framing is somewhat terrible, but it sums Suki up so well. She might be a crazy dog, but she is also rational and gentle when she needs to be. I generally just post photos showing off her tenacity, so here’s one of her softer side.

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