Snow Day

On Saturday we woke up to big fluffy flakes falling from the sky and a dusting of snow over the ground. I hurried out into the yard to get some photos before it all melted away. I had been wishing I had snowy photos of Suki in her Canada bandana (because Canada equals snow, eh) and her new scarf that my mom knitted for her.

14.02.03  14.02.0914.02.06

It turns out I didn’t need to rush, because it didn’t stop snowing until Monday. The snow is almost past the tops of my rubber boots, and the forecast is saying more snow on Saturday! Hey Canada, I love snow and all but I was kind of ready for Spring now… I’m supposed to be planting peas and prepping the garden for the warmer weather veggies.


Instead this how we spent our weekend.


We pulled our winter boots out of storage and headed to the nearest hiking trail.

DSCF7336 14.02.20

I got a horrible blister on my ankle from my boots, which I hadn’t had a chance to break in yet, but it was worth it.

14.02.28 14.02.17

Despite spending a large portion of my childhood on the prairies, when I think of a picturesque winter scene I think of dense coniferous forests laden with snow. There’s something about it that other landscapes just can’t compare to. It’s almost fantasy-like.

DSCF7314 DSCF7368

There really is something special about forests, and snowy forests in particular. One minute you’re on a road in the real world, and the next it’s like you’ve been transported to entirely different place.

14.02.13 DSCF7296 DSCF7276

It’s my Narnia, magic wardrobe not required.

14.02.32 14.02.21





2 responses to “Snow Day”

  1. Roxy the Traveling Dog Avatar

    Wow, beautiful photos. It looks like you had fun despite the snowy weather.

  2. MistyandSugar Avatar

    What a beautiful place to live and a gorgeous dog! Suki, I love your scarf and bandana!

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