Suki Catching Treats

You would think after owning my camera for two years I’d have played around with the settings, but no, I’ve only recently stepped out of the automatic setting comfort zone. It’s a standard little point-and-shoot, waterproof, serves its purpose, and in natural sunlight the photos can even turn out really great. Its only downfall is that it has a really hard time focusing in dim or artificial lighting, or when the subject is moving very quickly. I had it set to choose the best setting itself, but recently decided to try some of the other settings. It turns out the action setting is pretty good for finally capturing photos of Suki grabbing treats. Now they’re only semi-blurry instead of being unrecognizable!

So without further ado, the photos. I hope you get as much of a kick of them as I did (particularly the last one).

14.01.04 14.01.05 14.01.0614.01.03

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