Review: The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food

Friday night J showed up with a can of wood sealer and declared we were finally going to sand and refinish the countertops. When we moved in there were a few marks on the countertops, and we added a few of our own while we learned how to work with wooden counters (this is how I learned that baking soda/lemon juice cleaner and wood don’t mix). We gave each coat of sealant plenty of time to set, applying four coats over the course of the weekend then let it cure until yesterday morning. Everything buffed out beautifully, even the greyish ring from the bowl of cleaner I had set down on the counter, and the sealant gave the wood a really nice warm finish.

The only problem is that this rendered my kitchen completely useless for the entire weekend. The stove was unplugged, the caulk around the sink had been pulled up, putting the kitchen sink more or less out of commission, and things that once had a place to sit were strewn around the kitchen. And do you think I premade enough food for the weekend? Psh, of course not, that would be logical! Sunday I found myself cobbling a breakfast together and heading out to the pet store, crossing my fingers it would be open, to pick up something to feed Suki until the kitchen was restored to sanity. In my defense the project was kind of a last-minute decision.

Anyway, they had the perfect choice: Sample boxes of The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food. I picked up two boxes, Keen and Force. One 4-ounce trial box lasts Suki a little over a day, so two were the perfect amount to get us through the project. The cute boxes look right at home on my shiny new countertops.


I’ll start with the nitpick. The food does contain synthetic vitamins and minerals, and while it’s inconclusive whether those are actually bad or not I’m not personally comfortable with them. This is pretty hard to avoid with commercial foods though so I can’t completely fault The Honest Kitchen for it. Compared to many other foods on the market the list of vitamins is fairly small, and aside from synthetic vitamins I couldn’t find a single other fault with the food.

The reason I chose The Honest Kitchen for the weekend was that it’s one of only a handful of pet foods that do not contain GMOs. This is extremely important to me, and it’s obviously important to them because when the USDA approved engineered alfalfa The Honest Kitchen switched to organic alfalfa to ensure they were not getting any of the engineered stuff. They also require a signed Vendor Pledge with their suppliers to screen out unsatisfactory ingredients. I felt like I could trust there were no frankenfoods sneaking into Suki’s bowl.


They make a variety of mixes to choose from. Options include beef, chicken, turkey, or whitefish with regular grains like oats, grain-free or even pseudo-grains like quinoa. Keen is turkey and oats while Force is chicken and grain-free.

Pre-hydration the food is very powdery, probably to ensure the ingredients are equally distributed throughout the box. It also means the food rehydrates at a much faster rate than other dehydrated food, being ready to eat after just five minutes.


I was shocked when I opened the box of Force and was met with what smelled like chicken bouillon. Keen, lacking the basil that Force has, had a much more subtle smell. I tried rehydrating a bowl of Force using homemade bone broth instead of plain water. I had heard the CEO is known for taste testing the food, so I tried a bit as well and admit it was difficult not to take a second bite! While flavour isn’t at the top of my list of important things, I do think food should be enjoyable and Suki’s meals are no exception. Suki dove into both mixes with the same enthusiasm she gives to homemade food and made sure the bowl was licked clean.


The verdict? Nicely done, Honest Kitchen. While I don’t believe anything can compare to fresh homemade food this comes pretty close, and I would happily buy it again when I need something to stand in for Suki’s regular meals. I’m also going to see if our pet store can bring in some of the teas and treats for Suki to try.

2 responses to “Review: The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food

    • Suki has been doing her excited behaviour while waiting for the food to rehydrate – grabbing a toy and shaking it so hard you’d think her neck would break from the force haha.

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