Things Suki Has Been Mistaken For

I’ve held off on doing something like this for a while now, mostly because I don’t have my own photos to showcase each error. Having a rare(ish) breed leads to way too many entertaining breed mistakes, and in some cases species mistakes, to not share this list though so I’ve linked to Wikipedia photos.

Here's a photo of her for comparison.

Here’s a photo of Suki for comparison.

Before you start clicking I feel like I should state that I’m really not making any of these up. These are all real questions I’ve gotten, or statements I’ve overheard.

Pekingese Mix (I couldn’t find an actual mix, but here’s a clipped Peke)
Obese cat (not just any cat, an obese one)

7 responses to “Things Suki Has Been Mistaken For

    • I had someone on facebook that would post links to anything labelled Schipperke on Petfinder. Most of them were actually Chihuahua mixes, and I even saw one that looked like a Spaniel mix (big fluffy floppy ears). I’ve heard some people will mislabel the breed to make the dog seem more rare, which could be where a lot of the confusion comes from.

      I love the different species mistakes, they are always the most hilarious!

  1. Haha I love this post. I can sooo relate. I’ve only had my Skip puppy a couple of months, and I’ve already gotten a lot of those. Pomeranian, black piglet, black cat, baby bear, fox and wolfpup. It’s kid of funny how they can look so similar to so many other animals. I really enjoyed comparing the pics you linked to. Got some good laughs.
    PS: Suki is gorgeous! She looks like a Schipperke to me 🙂

    • Occasionally you’ll also get a person who insists you don’t really know what kind of dog you have haha. They’ll look at you like you like you’re either lying or delusional and say, “oh… Well, I’ve never heard of that…”
      Misty is very cute herself. Seeing her pictures make me miss baby Suki.

      • That doesn’t surpise me! Misty says thanks for the compliment. I bet Suki was adorable as a puppy! We went to Petco for shots last night, and EVERYONE who worked there knew exactly what she was! I was kind of impressed, especially since I just read this post. Naturally, I had to blog about it. I hope it’s okay, I linked to your story in my post. 🙂

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