Farmed and Dangerous

When I see things like this I am not proud to be Canadian. We’re supposed to be a country of freedom. Of choice. Of acceptance. These actions are none of those.

Literally minutes before finding this video I was talking about this being a problem in the US. Somehow that seemed to make it feel like it wasn’t my problem, that it wasn’t a threat to me or my choices. It made me sluggish to do anything. I was wrong, and I had forgotten the principle of the ripple effect.

I’m angry, and I want you to get angry too. I understand not everyone is in a position to do something financially, but I want this video shared. I want people to know this is happening, that this is not the problem of some other country, that these tragedies are taking place at our own doorsteps. That this is our collective, world fight. It doesn’t matter where you live, if this isn’t a threat to you now it will be later. Let’s take it down before that happens. It’s not just about some small farmer miles away. It’s about our health, our choice, and our freedom. Let’s do something about it.

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