I Did a Walk

Am I the only one who thinks “I did a walk!” when they see the name Idita-walk, or is this a common thing? I find it hilarious, because it perfectly emulates what I imagine a dog would say after a good walk if they could speak.

We passed the 1049 minute mark on the 22nd, but I continued to log our time for the rest of the weekend. I’m really glad I tried this challenge, not because it gave me a chance to show off how much Suki can walk but because it showed me how much (or little) I actually walk her. In a perfect world I think Suki would get an absolute minimum of two hours of exercise each day. As a working breed that’s nothing for her, and it wouldn’t hurt me either. If I were actually meeting that we should have finished the challenge much faster than we did.


I would say my main problem is inconsistency; we’ll go for a three hour hike one day, do almost nothing for the next three, then do another big walk to pick up the slack. I’d still like to keep those long walks in the rotation, but I’d also like to introduce consistent exercise in-between. Suki isn’t deterred by things like rain or thunder and I own a pretty skookum rain shell, so I really have no excuse not to get outside everyday.


To cut myself a little slack, I only counted exercise that took place off our property. Since moving to the new house most mornings start out with what I call Suki’s patrol, where I follow her around the property line while she checks out what animals have been through during the night. It takes a minimum of 10 minutes to do this, so technically there were at least 500 minutes that didn’t make it onto the tracker. I’m excited for summer to dry up the flooding out back so I can include the trail through the woods in her morning patrol. At the moment it’s just a bit too waterlogged to pass. Although admittedly, waterlogged trails only discourage me. Suki has no problem with them.


She was perfectly fine following the flooded trail on our hike through the wetlands last weekend.

I’d rather take the drier route, even if it’s more difficult. Suki thinks that’s just fine too.


I’m going to start with a personal goal of at least one 20-30 minute walk each day during the week, with the weekends being the usual free for all where Suki and I get plenty of exercise. Right now our average weekday walk last about 10-15 minutes each, but I don’t think doubling our time will be too difficult. It’s just a matter of kicking my butt in gear and making myself do it.

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