Wordless Wednesday: The Black Bear Cub

When people remark that Suki looks like a little bear, I laugh because she really does have a lot of bear-like qualities to her. Including a predisposition to stand totem pole straight on her hind legs when she wants to get a better look at something. She’ll lean slightly into her harness to stabilize herself, but otherwise she isn’t pulling at all in this photo.

13.03.11She had her eye on a pair of ducks paddling around in the swamp.

6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The Black Bear Cub

  1. Such a cutie!! Everyone thinks Roxy looks like a little wolf. We have a regular wild kingdom.

    • Roxy really does look like an adorable mini wolf.
      A few weekends ago I was able to change the strangest species Suki has been confused with from pot-bellied pig to obese cat. As the barista handed over the coffee she laughed and said, “oh my gosh, I thought your dog was an obese cat!” So Suki’s not just any cat, she’s an obese one haha!

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