Wordless Wednesday: Suki’s Stomping Ground

Unfortunately, because of the lighting that day most of my photos are a blur. I did manage to get a few that turned out not too badly though!

On the weekend we hiked up to some nearby falls. The first section requires hiking up and over, then climbing back down a steep section using a rope assist. I figured if I needed to I could always pop Suki into a backpack for the descent, but she ended up having no problem.


We had been hoping to get a bit closer, but because of the winter rain the river was a bit too high for that. The bright side of the higher water levels was that the falls were roaring.


We decided it would be best to do this hike again in the summer, when the water levels are lower and the river will be walkable. So back up the rope assist we went.

Blog1And finally, Suki pauses briefly to remind us all to take time to…


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