Wordless Wednesday

Last week I tried biking again for the first time in… Over half a decade, I think. After the initial “whoa, dude, what are you doing?!” from Suki as I stuffed her into my backpack, she realized what was planned and had a blast hanging her head out the side to catch a breeze. Unlike her, I went into it with great expectations and partway through thought I was going to pass out. I’m going to blame my haywire gear system for the difficulty I had…

Anyway, enough about my pathetic endurance, this was Suki’s face when I first clipped her into the backpack:

“Help me! She’s finally gone crazy!”

I attached her harness to the water bladder compartment clip so that I could leave the backpack zipper half open to give her a good view while still keeping her safely secured in.






7 responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Roxy (@RoxyTrvlingDog) Avatar

    Looks like Suki had it made, and you did all the work.

    1. SchipAlong Avatar

      Definitely! Maybe next time I should try bikejoring and put her to work instead lol.

  2. Will and Eko Avatar

    That is too cute!

  3. SUGAR: goldenwoofs Avatar

    Woof! Woof! Curiosity what’s about to happen. Got to do what is safe. Happy WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    1. SchipAlong Avatar

      Happy WW to you too.

  4. Long Life Cats and Dogs Avatar

    Now that’s the way I’d like to go cycling, in the bag with Suki 🙂

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