The Office Chair

Suki has not been impressed with me. I’m not proud to admit this, but I took her moon chair.

Well, in my defense technically I just took back the chair that she took from me.

I originally bought it because it’s the perfect chair for playing video games. It’s low enough to the ground for stretching my legs out, yet not too low that I can’t sit up; the dished shape is perfect for resting my elbows while propping a controller on my stomach; and to top it off it folds up flat for easy storage when not in use.

Before I could play one game in it, Suki hopped in and decided she liked it just as much as I did. At first I fought her on it.

“This is my new chair, Suki. It was bought for me and I’ll be using it!”

But like all things Suki sets her sights on it, she got the chair. I don’t think it had been in the house for one day before her sheepskin was moved to it.

It was fine. I can play video games from the couch, and it’s not like she isn’t used to having her own chair in the office. So why, after all this time, did I take it back?

Because my office chair was taken from me and I had nothing else to sit on. I had a perfect chair for the office, but just like Suki claimed my gaming chair my office chair ended up becoming a hair cutting stool for my mom. She called me up one day and the conversation eventually came to how she needed a new cutting stool, and just like that I had nothing to park my butt on while I write. Initially I tried using a kitchen chair, but for some reason what’s comfortable to sit on in the kitchen just can’t hack it in the office.

I’ll be getting my office chair back eventually, but I have a feeling the current arrangement won’t last that long. Suki won’t give it up, and I’m completely helpless to her sad eyes. It doesn’t help that she will periodically sniff the spot where her chair used to be before coming over to sit next to me, rest her head on her chair, and sigh dejectedly.

Technically this chair is too low to the ground for my desk. When I think about it, it’s probably causing problems with my wrists and back. Really, for my own health I should probably be sitting on something taller…

Maybe those kitchen chairs aren’t as uncomfortable as I remember.

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