Steps to Dehydrating Food for a Trip

I promise you’ll get a proper post on my adventure creating enough dehydrated meals to feed Suki for a trip, but right now I have this post instead because I combat frustration with humour. So for now, here’s the steps to dehydrating food for a trip:


Add everything up with scientific precision. This’ll be easy!

Hm… The tomatoes didn’t last for all the meals. Not to worry, there’s plenty of time! Throw in another batch.

How was that not enough?!

Check your deadline. Use parchment paper as tray liners so the dehydrator can run at full capacity.

Triple ingredient quantities. Just in case.

Curse loudly when a whole head of cauliflower somehow only lasted a handful of meals.

Consider giving up and feeding kibble for the trip.

Think about how you’d feel if you were used to getting regular food and were forced to eat kibble during the holidays as everyone else ate what you used to get.

Try to tell yourself you’re just projecting human qualities on a dog.

Toss the kibble idea anyway.

Mentally sob. Consider adding something stronger to your coffee.

Lament having ever gotten yourself into this.

Count up the finished meals. Oh, thank God! There’s just enough to last the trip! These other ones are just the extras.

Consider buying a small bag of commercial dehydrated anyway because you no longer trust your counting skills.

Wonder how much weight your dog is going to gain eating all this extra food.

Start getting ready so you can run to the grocery store for more sweet potato and cauliflower.

Realize a much easier way of going about this would have been to measure the dried ingredients, then divide by how many 1/4 cup portions went in pre-drying to get the exact measurements instead of guesstimating everything would roughly half.

Curse yourself for only realizing this now that you’re almost finished everything.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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