We’re Moving?!



Yes! The house has been taken over by boxes and everything has dissolved into chaos. I learned I’m not very good at packing the house up. For one, I started with the dishes. That brilliant plan left us with one pot, one frying pan, a spork each, and a bowl each. It’s great training for one pot meals, but it sure doesn’t make life easier! In the end we had to unpack a few utensils (it turns out titanium sporks will leave marks in ceramic bowls) and two plates.

To top it off we’re trekking back to visit my boyfriend’s family, so my kitchen table has been taken over by plastic snack baggies, measuring cups, and a variety of dehydrated food as I prep enough dog food for the trip (and some extra just in case). My dehydrator has been running almost non-stop for nearly a week now! There were a few hiccups in the beginning, but the good news is that by the end of this I should have enough material for a good post on using homemade dog food during travelling.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to reply to everyone personally yesterday, but I read and appreciate all the comments! If I get a chance today I’ll reply.

I have an assortment of posts in various states of completion. I’m hoping to get a few up before and during the trip, but if I can’t have a very happy holidays everyone!


2 responses to “We’re Moving?!

  1. Yikes! We’re moving in April back to the UK, so I am going to be watching on how you are doing. Also really looking forward about your home cooked meals for dogs on the go!

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