Oodles of Nothing

I’m so sorry I’ve been AWOL lately! I wish I could say I’ve been too busy to write, but it’s the opposite: I’ve been so un-busy that I’ve had nothing to write about!
While my life has been pretty uneventful lately, I did pick up some tubular webbing and stitch it into a proper X-back for The Crapmaster. Actually, calling it a proper X-back is giving myself a little too much credit. It’s a decent first-try, but it’s still pretty shoddy. I managed to break not one, but two needles in the process before I realized that if I wanted to successfully stitch this thing I’d have to hand-crank the machine for the entire process. I may have doomed myself to a life of carpal tunnel, but at least I got an X-back out of it. I also made the mistake of leaving half the X draped across Suki’s back while I went to set up the machine, and she walked away and dropped it. I managed to find it hidden partially under my sling pack but for a bit there I was beginning to worry I’d have to tell people a /-back harness is an actual thing.
I came much, much too close to ending up with a second dog. I was waiting outside a shop with Suki when I overheard a girl loudly exclaiming to her friend that she was fed up with her dog, saying she had him in the car and was ready to call the SPCA right there. I guess the last straw was him chowing down on her hat. Based on her voice and appearance I was really hoping the dog was a Chihuahua-type thing or something similar, because I could have easily taken on something like that. Unfortunately the dog in question looked like a Lab mix and was at least 70 pounds. Why do those type of people get these kinds of dogs? Or even any dog at all? It’s just baffling to me, the lack of understanding of basic commitments. Unfortunately for the poor dude I can’t have a dog that large, even temporarily, but I was so close to taking him anyway.
I learned about a handful of trails near me and hopefully I’ll hit those up in the near future. They’re pretty big mountains so unfortunately they can’t be fit into an evening, but I have the list stashed away for my next free weekend. I’ve been living in B.C. for over a year and have yet to bag a peak over 250 meters. It’s very sad. There’s definitely snow up on the mountains now so with a little luck we’ll summit a decent peak and get a backcountry snowshoe trip in one go. Maybe (finally) break in my Recon backpack.
I caught Suki chowing down on my Italian parsley plant, and judging by the number of missing leaves it looks like that’s been her morning ritual for a while now. Crazy dog. The diuretic qualities of it kicked in and now she has to pee twice as much as usual (haha!). At least she’s getting a good system cleans out of it.
I had hoped to have written about Dinner Pawsible by now, but I ran into a snag actually obtaining the book. I had ordered it from Amazon early in October, but after a few weeks of nothing I decided to check the tracking. It turns out UPS had scanned it as being delivered to our front door October 11. When we phoned UPS about it their response was basically that it had been scanned as delivered, so their job was done and if we didn’t have it that was our problem. Thankfully Amazon acted like a group of proper adults, apologized for the inconvenience, and said they’d send us another one. So unless I’m completely unlucky I should have that soon and will be able to write about it.
On the topic of food, I’ve been trying to figure out the best method of taking homemade dog food along during trips. The ideal way to take the food along would be to dehydrate it, but I’m not sure how well certain ingredients like cod liver oil would hold up to that so an alternative method for toting that along would be needed. There’s also the complication of measuring out supplements. It wouldn’t be very weight-savvy to tote along a bag of measuring cups and spoons (especially when your dog carries her own gear), but some supplements shouldn’t have hot water poured over them and can’t be added to the food mix pre-rehydration. I’ve been experimenting with the dehydrator so hopefully I’ll be able to report on that soon.
Just so this post has more than one photo, here’s Suki balancing on a stylist’s chair while she waits for me to finish being a hair cut guinea pig:

And… That’s about it. Hopefully things pick up around here and I’ll have more blog fodder to work with.

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