Confessions of a Gear Addict

I can’t deny it, I have a problem. I’m a gear junkie. I just can’t stop buying gear, especially dog gear. I started to list everything out but it was getting too long, so I ran around the house collecting all the gear I could find:

This is not including toys. Except for the lamb, which I didn’t notice when I took the picture and did not put there. Suki walked across the mat and must have dropped it there haha!

Is it a giant money pit? Definitely. I did say I had a problem. Her softshell cost twice as much as mine and has been worn less than half as often, she wore that black hoodie once (in my defense it was bought for a work event so she could wear the company logo), and I impulsively bought her rain shell because I liked the colour and they were going to discontinue it. The item I get the most use out of is the harness that I won and paid nothing for. Funny how things work that way.

When I first opened the package for her rain shell I was really disappointed with the coverage, and it’s been stashed away in the gear closet ever since. Suki is really hard to fit for gear; typically if it fits her length-wise it’s too tight in the chest, and if it fits her chest it’s too long in the body. I did find a shell that fit her really nicely, but after a few minutes in anything stronger than a drizzle the seams started to soak through. Yesterday I pulled her shell out, determined that if I sunk money into it that I was going to get some use out of it. Wouldn’t you know it, the stupid thing is growing on me. It doesn’t look nearly as bad as I remember, and when I compare the coverage to other brands it actually covers more (am I the only one who thinks just a strap under the belly is pointless on a rain shell?).

She’s fluffy, so her fur inevitable sticks out of any opening in the jacket.

That’s okay though, because her breed is already quite waterproof naturally. Why, you might be wondering, would I buy a rain shell when my dog’s fur already repels water? Mainly to keep mud and sand off her. When dry Suki’s coat does not hold dirt or sand, but when the outer hairs are dampened by rain she can quickly turn into a walking sand trap. Then when my adorable sand trap hops into the car and dries, all that debris falls off all over the seats. If she’s wearing a jacket it catches a lot of the sand and mud that would normally end up plastered to her chest and belly, and unlike my dog the jacket can be shaken clean before it goes in the car or be tossed in the trunk if it’s really dirty. While I still think the chest and belly coverage on this jacket is lacking, it did manage to catch a lot of the debris.

I doubt there is any jacket that could stop Suki from getting soaked here.

Aside from acting as a barrier for mud I discovered another use for the jacket: visibility. As it turns out, a black dog against an overcast sky and monotone winter landscape can be pretty hard to see. With her highlighter green jacket on Suki sticks out like a little beacon, even when she’s ten feet away.

And I must admit, I think she looks pretty sporty in the her little jacket. I can justify it all I want with practical applications of debris-repelling and added visibility, but when it comes down to it Suki doesn’t really need those things. I can only deny that I like the jacket because it’s cute for so long.

There’s something to be said for cute though… Right…?

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