Wordless Wednesday

I’m getting wimpy. This morning when I took Suki out I kept willing her to hurry up because I was freezing. So we get inside, I feed her, pour my coffee before it’s had enough time to steep because I want something warm, and go to check the weather… “Only down to 9° Celcius?! It must be colder than that!” I exclaim, horrified that I feel so cold.

You have to understand, when I was living in Alberta I had an almost manic-like urge to take up running just before winter hit. I was out running on the day it hit -40° before wind chill, when the Edmonton airport was the coldest place on earth. My ears were so frostbitten when I got home that I had killed off a few millimeter’s worth of skin layers. I considered that run exhilarating and refreshing.

My weak coffee feels like some sort of symbolism for my will right now…


Alright, onto the proper Wordless Wednesday stuff. Here’s the other photos from our hike this weekend:

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11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

    • I remember that time. I do love snow though, so when the mercury started to drop I was usually too distracted by the anticipation to think about the temperatures.

    • More than likely I’ll be spending time in Alberta this winter visiting the boyfriend’s family. On one hand it’ll be easier to go snowshoeing (albeit less exciting trails), on the other… -30 degrees. But then my bucket list has train Canadian Eskimo Dogs in the Yukon or Northwest Territories for six months on it, so Alberta is good practice haha.

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