We’re On Fire!

King Simba at http://comewagalong.com/ gave us this award back in August. Thank you so much and I’m so sorry it took me so long to post!

The rules are that you need to list eight unusual things about your dog (or yourself), then pass the award on to eight other blogs.

8 unusual things about Suki:

1. She knows how to roll the electric windows down in the car.

2. When I sit on the ground to take a break Suki will run to me, plop down on the ground with her back pressed to my leg, and turn her head to grin at me over her shoulder:
3. She’s built very solid and very fluffy, which leads most people to think she’s overweight. I once had someone actually reach over and feel her ribs before remarking that, “oh, she’s not fat! She’s just built differently than my dogs.” It’s amazing how many strangers tell me she needs to go on a diet or get more exercise.

4. She’s been mistaken for everything from a Pomeranian to a Pot-bellied pig. Strangest guesses as to what she is (other than the pig) are a wolf cub and a Pekingese mix. I was recently able to add German Shepherd puppy to the list of things she’s been mistaken for.

5. She loves to be carried around on her back, even by strangers. If she’s being held normally she’ll often use her front paws to push herself backwards, with no thought at all about whether or not the person holding her will catch her. One time Suki flipped over while my boyfriend wasn’t paying attention and she fell on her head (thankfully he was sitting in a chair and not standing), then hopped right back into his lap to try again. He caught her that time lol.

6. She likes to climb and be up high where she can keep an eye on everything. In the house she’ll often lay leopard-style on the back of the couch, and whenever we hike anywhere with a cliff she’ll sit near the edge and stare out across everything. If there’s something climbable nearby she usually can’t resist climbing it (this includes tree stumps, cliffs, fallen logs, etc.).

7. If you ask her “what’s up?” she’ll get really excited, bark, then run around looking for a toy to shake. “Where’s the kitty?” and “get the kitty” also elicit this response, although I have no idea why.

8. She likes to smell flowers. I used to think it was because another dog had peed on them, but then she did it to flowers I knew couldn’t have been peed on. She actually likes to sniff flowers lol.

8 blogs:

  1. roxythetravelingdog.com/
  2. mybrownnewfies.com/
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?

I don’t know enough blogs! If you know someone who deserves an award, link them in the comments.

4 responses to “We’re On Fire!

  1. Congratulations on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to us!
    I loved reading the 8 things about you! I can’t believe someone thought you were a pot-bellied pig!

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