Fuel-Up Fridays: Organizing the Dog Food

I’m on an organization kick right now. Nothing in my house can escape my current obsession with neat and orderly, not even my fridge. Some people have bins for their dog food, others store it in the bag, and I’ve even heard of keeping it in glass mason jars. I realized the other day that I didn’t have a designated place for Suki’s food, so now I have a dog food basket.

I’ve found it very helpful for putting Suki’s meals together. I can store any ingredients I’ll need, like cooked meat and diced liver. I can also divert any safe leftovers from my food over to her basket. The green container in the photo below is storing leftover spaghetti that I diced up to use as the pasta component in some of her meals.

Suki only needs roughly half a tomato for one day’s food, so the basket allows me to keep track of the other half so I don’t end up grabbing a fresh tomato and wasting the sliced one. The (BPA-free) Ziploc baggie contains pre-cooked ground beef. Not having to cook the meat component every day takes a lot of prep work out of making Suki’s food. I also bought a set of Gerber Nuk bowls, which come with lids for storing food. These little bowls are the perfect size for storing one serving of food for Suki, which works perfectly for me because I make two servings at a time (dinner that night and breakfast the next morning). Having everything stored in the basket also makes it easy to pull everything out of the fridge when it’s time to make her food; instead of having to find everything separately, I can just take the entire basket to the counter.

To put the above meal together the only cooking I needed to do was steam the tomato half and a ¼ cup of peas. Since taking the photos I’ve also moved her bottle of cod liver oil to the basket and added ½ a cup’s worth of roasted butternut squash that I diverted from my dinner to her’s. Her kelp powder, nutritional yeast, and eggshell powder are still stored in the cupboard but I have plans for how to better organize those too.

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