Fuel-Up Fridays: Making the Switch

Back in May I added homemade food to Suki’s commercial stuff. Breakfast has been commercial, dinner has been cooked. I thought I was getting the best of both worlds: the benefits of fresh, whole foods and the regulated vitamin content of commercial. Well, I had a week where I was feeling a bit lazy in the cooking department and Suki was eating just the commercial. Bear in mind I’m feeding her a dehydrated food, so it’s not like she was going from whole food to processed kibble. It’s not that she didn’t do well on it… She just didn’t do as well as what I was used to. I’ve reached a a point where I feel like no matter what kind of commercial food I buy it just isn’t going to measure up to what I can make myself, and no matter what commercial food I buy there will always be something about it that I think could be improved on. I’m not saying commercial foods are bad, I’m just personally not as happy with it as I am with cooked. I currently have half a bag of commercial food, but once that’s eaten I’m not going to be buying another. So get ready Suki, those dinners that you always get so amped up over are going to become breakfasts too!

Because my current cookbook is designed to be used in conjunction with commercial food I’ll be ordering Dinner Pawsible. It was recommended to me back in May, but I couldn’t find it in any stores here which is why I bought my current book instead. I’m also going to try and be better about documenting the cost of making the meals.

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