Still Here

Last year Suki developed a cyst between the middle toes on her left hind foot. The cause of it was never discovered, although most agree it was likely from running on barnacles at the beach. Well, as cysts often do it came back. Not long before I noticed the cyst she had gotten her paw stepped on pretty badly, so my best guess this time is that was the cause. Hoping to avoid the antibiotics of last year I decided to give a more natural treatment a try, just for the weekend and if there was no change I’d book an appointment. Much to my delight, and slight surprise, the combo of Epsom salt soaks and turmeric poultices actually worked faster than the antibiotics! Last year it took nearly the full ten days of antibiotics to even see a change, whereas the turmeric poultice noticeably reduced the size and redness within one day and since starting the Epsom salt soaks it’s nearly disappeared. That being said, if a mystery lump shows up on your dog it’s always best to have a veterinarian look at first. The only reason I gave natural remedies a try this time is because I knew it was a cyst and that it wasn’t dangerous.

So Suki’s been laid up on bed rest for the time being, which is why I’ve been so silent. And bored. Both Suki and I are pining away for some activity. This morning when I took her out to the yard for a bathroom break she broke out in a fit of the “zoomies” and ran circles left and right around me. Technically I could go walking without her, but I think the guilt of leaving her behind would suck all the joy out of it. So for time being I’ve been alternating my free time between playing the new Guild Wars 2 and living vicariously through other people’s videos.  Two winters ago, for no explainable or logical reason, I thought it would be a good idea to try sledding (on a crazy carpet-style contraption) down the biggest hill in the area right after a thaw and refreeze. It was basically a sheer ice drop with an empty riverbed at the bottom. It took just a matter of seconds to hit the riverbank. When I pulled my face out of the snow I came to two realizations: The first was that that was a terrible idea, the second was that the adrenaline rush of going fast was awesome. I’ve been wanting to try out biking with Suki for a while now, and right before I found the cyst I had replaced the flat tire on my bicycle, so a lot of the videos I’ve been torturing myself with are about biking. Two of them are just so cool I wanted to share them here:

Isn’t that awesome? Another thing the sledding incident taught me is that preparation and foresight are important, so for both Suki’s and my safety (I haven’t ridden a bicycle in at least three years) we won’t be throwing ourselves at Mach Chicken. We’ll just be doing Mach-‘Round-the-Block, but watching those videos still pumps up the anticipation for even light bike training. C’mon, toe, hurry up and heal!

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