So sorry about the lack of updates! The blog ended up being thrown on the backburner, but I intend to update it regularly from now on.

I was able to try out the new water bottles the other week, and I’m happy to report they work great. Suki hauled them up our favourite local hike, a rapid 230 meter (755 foot) ascension, with no difficulties. Like usual she was six feet ahead, pulling at the end of her leash. Note how the leash is clipped to the tow loop on her harness, so in addition to carrying her own water she helped pull me up the hill.

ImageAdding water to Suki’s list of pack contents was a success. Here’s what Suki thinks of carrying her own gear:

ImageWhen we reached the summit I was able to check out how the bottles had fared on the climb. As far as I could tell they hadn’t leaked, and when tipped upside down the water poured out easily.

ImageAnd just to thoroughly put them through the paces, I tried them out hamster bottle style. It worked, but there’s inevitable water spillage even with the nozzle only partially opened.

ImageAfter rehydrating and fueling up on energy snacks we stuck around to enjoy the view. Suki loves being up high, so her favourite spot on the hill inevitably became the edge of the drop-off. I’m not sure what it is she’s watching from there, but it’s nearly impossible to get her attention while she’s surveying the area and she sits there every time we hike the hill.

ImagePerhaps she just appreciates a good view.






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