Canada Day Agility

This entry is technically late, but it’s also the Fourth of July right now so it’s sort of applicable. This Canada Day we celebrated with some dog friendly activities. Specifically, agility. Suki was decked out in her special bandana reserved for things like Canada Day and the Olympics, and we drove out to the field for some practice and exercise.


Canada Day, at least where we are, doesn’t involve the fireworks that the Fourth of July is known for. For anyone in America though, getting out during the day and tiring your pet out might help to alleviate some of the firework stress that night. If he’s too tired to get off the couch, he won’t be crashing through the screen door. Even if it doesn’t help with the anxiety later at least his day will have been awesome. Plus the exercise you’ll get will alleviate the guilt of eating a second (or third, or fourth…) slice of cake later.Image

So next time the festivities roll around, consider incorporating your pet into the fun. The regular schedule isn’t dog friendly? It never hurts to try something new! You might find out that the new, dog friendly, events are more fun anyway. The expression on a tired, happy dog is really rewarding enough on its own.

ImageHappy (belated) Canada Day and happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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