Spaghetti and Salmon

I had a craving for spaghetti the other night, so I whipped up this tasty concoction. The sauce contains a mixture of herbs that boost the immune system, help ward off parasites, aid digestion, and taste delicious. Aside from the standard tomatoes cooked down into a sauce, it also contained lean ground beef and diced zucchini. Suki gobbled her dinner in record time and then licked every speck of sauce from her bowl. This is a healthier alternative to “I don’t know what to make tonight, so I’m going to make spaghetti.” Technically the recipe is okay as-is, but I think it needs a few more tweaks before I feel it’s finished for posting. Here’s a photo to get everyone drooling in the meantime though.


Tonight I cooked up some lemongrass salmon and quinoa with broccoli. It was just a matter of mixing lemongrass with olive oil and a bit of ground pepper, spreading it over the salmon, and baking until it was done. For the quinoa and broccoli I cooked both together in chicken stock with a bit of minced cilantro.

Step 1: Take a pretty picture.


Step 2: Chop the salmon up (to ensure there are no bones in it) and mix it all together.


When cooking salmon for your dog it’s important to cook it thoroughly. When cooked, the parasite found in salmon is rendered harmless and the meat is safe for your dog to eat. Cooked salmon is very healthy, raw salmon is potentially life threatening.

So how are the herbs and spices treating Suki so far? Excellent! When I began thinking of adding herbs and spices to her regular meals, my first concern was how it would affect her digestion. Plenty of sites warned that giving your dog spices would cause messy digestive upset. I decided it was worth a shot anyway, and I’m glad I tried it. If anything her digestion is better than before.

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