Chicken and Barley Stew, Agility, and Surfing

Sorry for the massive delay on this post! There’s really no feasible excuse for my procrastination.

After the meatloaf burgers I tried the slow cooked chicken and barley stew. This is definitely my favourite out of the two dishes I’ve prepared so far. Suki is eating it right up, it’s agreeing perfectly with her digestive system, and it was so easy to make – just throw everything in the slow cooker and leave it for the day. I’m beginning to feel more confident in my abilities and I plan on adventuring out and designing my own recipes very soon. I’m thinking a dog-friendly curry, as Suki loves spicy food.


The best part about cooking for Suki, I’ve found, is that portions are much better than when she was eating kibble. To reheat her food I add boiling water and stir the meal. Suki has never been a big drinker to begin with, and when the water content in her food increased she nearly stopped touching her water dish. I borrowed a solution used by mushers and added the water to her meals. The extra water aids in digestion, and by adding boiling water to her dinner I can reheat her food without the use of a microwave. The other bonus, as I mentioned, is portion sizing. She gets half a cup of chicken and barley stew, already double what she would get of kibble, and by the time I’ve added the water her dinner nearly fills her bowl. Not only does she get to eat more food, but she’s lost weight (in a good way).

Aside from cooking, Suki has also been progressing well in our agility endeavours. We’ve attended enough instructed classes to purchase field passes, and yesterday we got out and used a pass. Over the past two months I had accidentally sucked the fun out of agility for Suki, causing her to slow to a bored trot on the equipment. Yesterday I dropped all structured training and just had fun with it. I brought a disc toy along and incorporated play into the training. She didn’t kick it up to full speed, but she definitely ran much faster than usual and it was clear she was having way more fun than usual. Her typical grin was plastered to her face. Actually we had so much fun I completely forgot to even take any photos or videos! Before I knew it an entire hour had passed and neither Suki nor I had the energy to run anymore. Hopefully I’ll remember to take some photos next time.

Suki has also started surf training. She took to it like she had been in training for months already and rapidly progressed to freestanding on her boogie board. Hopefully the weather will improve so we can get more practice in.


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